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A B O U T  T H E  A R T I S T

Growing up poor in a tiny town in Texas, I wanted to be an artist. I remember it like yesterday: drawing Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs over and over around the age of four. It was one of the children’s books we had available to us at our grandparents’ house. I had natural talent, and with practice, I was able to win city and state-level art competitions.

My ability to craft and paint models also led me to win various science fairs.

If you would have asked me back then what I wanted to be, I would have told you I wanted to be an architect. I love the fact that you can draw something on paper and it comes to life as an actual thing. I couldn’t afford secondary education, so the best option for me was to join the US Navy, and that’s what I did.

Besides art, I have been fascinated by computers ever since I saw the movie WarGames. I even took a couple of programming courses when they became available. So when the Navy recruiter asked me what job I wanted, I told him I wanted to work with computers. I ended up working in cryptologic communications, which taught me cryptography, systems administration, inter-networking, and how to code even more than I had been. While I didn’t know it when I enlisted, I had unwittingly joined a special group which supported the National Security Agency, and would later serve at the NSA for a few years.

After gaining that experience, I decided to start a venture-backed startup, and was successful in selling it a few years later to a much larger firm.During this life journey, I also developed several patented inventions in cryptography and cybersecurity.

Through all of this, I never gave up on my art. My wife and I started a tradition where we would buy canvases and acrylic paints to paint with our kids on Sundays. Then, last year, I wrote and illustrated two books for children’s on cybersecurity and coding.

Those books are being used to augment technology and online safety curriculums for kids around the country. It’s pretty cool that I started out in art by using those types of books as references, and that now, new generations of children are using my

own published books to learn.

I love teaching code, cryptography, and helping people achieve their career and business goals. I’ve always been somewhat of a “crash test dummy”, by learning, executing on my learnings, then teaching people how I did it.

Since I believe the metaverse, cryptography, and blockchain will become major parts of our collective future, I will continue to learn, help build an empathetic community and teach everything I know for the next generation.

And if I do it right, it will be etched on the blockchain for future generations as well.



Throughout my life I’ve been fascinated with helping people by creating value and giving back at the same time. This project can provide value and inspiration to both collectors and other artists. We are deploying these artworks to the Solana blockchain, which runs on a Proof of History consensus mechanism. PoS blockchains are much healthier for our planet than some other ecosystems which have not yet implemented greener technologies.

Unicorn Social Club also enables us to give back to communities that need help by getting the word out about charitable organizations doing important social work, and providing them with sizable donations as a direct result of your participation and support.

I look forward to sharing word of the specific initiatives we will help bring into the world through NFTs, and to building a safe, enjoyable, and exciting community with you.

Marcus J. Carey
October 2021

 M E E T  T H E  T E A M
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Marcus J Carey

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